Saturday, May 23, 2015

1 year Anniversary

1 year ago yesterday I had my surgery. What better way to celebrate your new hip than to take it around NYC?!?  I biked & walked all over the place. Standing for hours. Walking in heels. It's just crazy to think how painful those things used to be before surgery. 

I had the most amazing time in NYC. If you've never been you need to go ASAP. So much to see and do. So many different kinds of people and food. Just incredible. 

So it has been 1 full year and I will definitely say that I'm so glad I chose to have all my problems fixed. So grateful to my surgeon Dr. James Rosneck at the Cleveland Clinic go fixing me so I can enjoy my life again. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

38 weeks post op

Well kids I'm a graduate of PT!! They cut me loose today. Chris (the guy who does my re evals each month) told me towards the end of my appointment and I had to get out of there quickly to pick up my car from the dealer, so I didn't get to say my goodbyes. I'm going back next week to bring them all cards and say my real goodbyes. I did hug Terri who was my main PT for the last 9 months. I started to cry but then I ran out of there, so I'll have my cry fest next week. I'm very happy to be done with PT. I'm not 100% healed but I feel great. I know I can do therapy in my own now so there's no reason to keep going. I've been going for 13 months I'm done going there 2x a week!!

My left hip is still giving me some shit. I have a very tender piriformis so I'm a "pain in the ass". My pain is there and on the side where my IT band is. I do have some pain in the groin but I'm starting to wonder if it's my iliopsoas muscle again?!?  

I am sad to leave all of the wonderful PTs behind. That group is amazing and so much fun to be around. So as much as I'll miss them I'm not sad I'm done. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 241

I tried Yoga yesterday and today. If you know me I am not a "yogi". That is not my style and it's not something I've ever been Interested in. My surgeon and my PT have both suggested I do yoga to help with flexibility and my "grandma body". I agree that it's a good idea for my body but I've been reluctant to try it. I tried some videos a fee years ago and I hated it so much I just quit. 

My shoulder has been strained for about 5 weeks now and my unoperated hip has been hurting lately. When I did my yoga routines I found off of Pinterest/YouTube I had to modify a lot for my shoulder and the tightness in my hips but I will admit (and I hate to admit) I felt very relaxed and my body felt great afterwards. Since I can't do a whole lot due to the fact I'm not fully recovered, I need to add some other fitness routines to my life. The elliptical is so boring and I haven't been able to try running yet due to my other hip. My full range of motion is much better, like being able to sit Indian style. So you can see that yoga isn't easy for me. I think it will help me in my recovery &  I think this is something I will learn to enjoy and something I will truly benefit from.

7 mo out

I am 7 mo post op in 2 hours haha. I'm doing really well. There are days (like today) that I will take a step, and I will feel like my hip is giving out or wants to pop, but then it quickly goes away. Just signs that I'm still healing. Nothing crazy, but  just goes to show that labral and FAI repair is a longer recovery than it seems . 

Still waiting for the ok to start running again. We were gonna start this week but last Friday I got on the stair climber at the gym (only for 5 min but I guess that's longer than I should is like 200 some steps) and after that my un operated leg started the bursa pain again. Both of my hamstrings were killing me for a few days. The bursa pain on the left hip comes and goes so idk if my PT will let me try to run yet. This is what's frustrating me more than anything. C'mon hips let me run!!! I guess I need to be more patient but my patience is running thin. 

So I will leave you a photo of what my scars look like.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

1 year ago today

It has been 1 year since I tore my labrum. All I did was stand up out of a chair and my world changed completely. It's amazing to think 2 days prior I was dancing/twerking on stage at The Buck Naked Band concert for my bday lol. They're a country cover band from Ohio and they're fabulous check them out 😜 

So as of today my right hip is feeling great and getting stronger everyday. My left hip feels pretty good. Hoping it stays on that path and is back to normal. I seriously cannot wait to run again and I can't wait to not be in any pain. 

So as a treat to me I got my hair did today!! I wanted to go blonde and my husband desperately wants me to be blonde but I decided against it. Maybe in the spring/summer when I'm tan. 
So as I sat in my chair the girl that does my hair made a Starbucks run. Since it's my bday tomorrow mine was free. I highly suggest the Chestnut latte. It's sooo good. 

It's not exactly how I envisioned it but I do love it. Wish the lighter parts were a bit brighter but it looks great and I think better in person. 

So now I'm pretty and moving forward with becoming normal 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

So my friend Matt who had this surgery done about a year ago has told me twice now, "that it gets worse before it gets better". Man he wasn't kidding. You all know that my "good" hip has been giving me some problems, but now my right hip (operated) is kinda bothering me. Not anything I'm worried about it's just sore at times. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just healing still. My main complaint is that both of my legs are so fatigued lately. I'm exhausted. I fought to get through 15 min on the elliptical yesterday and I wasn't even pushing it. I was huffing and puffing and taking so many breaks at therapy today. I'm not used to tiring out. I don't like it. 

My PT performed the graston technique on my left hip today. They are these metal tools that the PT rubs all along your muscles to break up scar tissue and help with blood flow. 
It hurts while they do it depending on how tight your muscles are and sometimes they leave bruises so we shall see. I admit I feel better all ready after PT today. 

I guess I just have to suck it up and stay positive. I'm a fighter and I will come out of this on top 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

6 Mo Follow Up

I went to the surgeon today for my follow up. I wish I can say that I went in and said "I'm all fixed problems to report" but unfortunately I went in with a whole new set of left hip (un operated side). My surgical hip feels great so that is wonderful news. I am very happy I decided to have the surgery, but that doesn't mean I want to do it again!

I had xrays taken on both hips. After he examined me he showed me my xrays and said that he does see the same kind of anatomy on my other hip. There is an impingement on that side too, but that doesn't mean it needs fixed. The pain that I'm having on the left side changes hourly and daily. At times I feel like it's the same as the right hip but then again it's not. I have full range of motion still. My pain is usually on the outside or the front of my hip. Rarely is it in the groin. Even after examining me he said my IT band is very tight (Iliotibial Band- side of the hip) and everything in there is aggravated for sure. It could be that my left hip is just tired of carrying my right hip (it's been almost 1 year since my tear)  Right now he is going to treat it as bursitis/tendonitis (inflammation in a nutshell) and if it doesn't get better in 6 weeks I'll have an MRI done. He prescribed me with a different kind of NSAID to take (more potent than IBuprofin) called Meloxicam and wants me to take it for 2-3 weeks to see if that helps with the inflammation. He also put in an order for PT on the left hip. 

As I drove home from the appointment I started crying in the car. I had made the decision right then and there that I would not be going back to CrossFit. I know I sound like a hypocrite for not going back when I said I would because "CrossFit did not hurt my hip" but if I have an impingement on the other side and can avoid having surgery again, I'm going to do it. Maybe I'm not built to be doing that crazy stuff after all?? I mean I am pretty little. Maybe it's not meant to be. I just will be happy when I can start runnin again and I'll work in some lifting as I go. 

Stay Tuned....